Rune pendants

February 22nd, 2011
symbol for joy wunjo

Runic symbol for joy

Rune pendants in silver. These rune pendants are great for gifts for a friend. Choose a rune that means something you like about the person, or a rune pendant that you think they need. Inexpensive, these silver pendants come with a brochure that has all the rune meanings. Or if you want something more – have a look at our rune rings – Rune wedding rings can be made with the runes of your choice.

Some great choices of runes for a wedding ring are the runic symbols that mean joy, commitment and strength. You could also get a wedding band that has the runes engraved on the inside of the ring – in gold, platinum or titanium. The runes will be hidden and the meanings known only to you and your partner. Often couples will choose the runes for their partners rings – while this is a great idea it is preferable to choose  your own runes – which will set intent – it means that your partner has taken ownership of the runes and is more likely to bind himself or herself to those runes and their meaning.

Another method is to do a rune draw – that is still your mind, allow the feeling and the intent of your relationship flow over you and then draw 5 runes out of the rune bag – your subconscious will guide you as to the runes that you need – and often what is lacking in your commitment or intent – these runes will then guide you and allow you to fulfil your promises.

Meanings of Rune Symbols


  • Possessions
  • Honesty


  • Strength
  • Gratitude


  • Gateway
  • Wisdom


  • Signal
  • Guilt


  • Journey
  • Surrender


  • Opening
  • Acceptance


  • Partnership
  • Trust


  • Joy
  • Serenity


  • Disruption
  • Anger


  • Constraint
  • Shame


  • Standstill
  • Fear


  • Harvest
  • Patience


  • Defense
  • Denial


  • Intuition
  • Love


  • Protection
  • Boundries


  • Wholeness
  • Compassion


  • Warrior
  • Courage


  • Growth
  • Prayer


  • Movement
  • Forgiveness


  • The Self
  • Innocence


  • Flow
  • Humor


  • Fertility
  • Faith


  • Breakthrough
  • Hope


  • Separation
  • Grief


  • Unknowable
  • The Divine


Your rune wedding band will be a constant reminder of your wedding vows and what you love in your partner. Your runic wedding rings can be made of anything … the material does not affect the power of the runes – obviously you want a material that will last – a wooden ring is not likely to do the trick. You can choose the  symbol for love, and commitment amongst others. While the ancient meanings are quite obscure – if you spend some time with the runes the true meanings will become clear to you. You will need to considering your relationship, your love for your partner and your life together in the future. Your higher self will help to guide you to the right runes for you at this time. While this may change in the future – the runes will always be relevant if they are bound by your commitment and love for one another. Whether the runes are hidden and secretly engraved on the inside of the band – or in plain site on the outside of the band does not change the affect or the power of the runes. Another great idea for wedding bands and for pendants is to create a bind rune that you both use. This will be several runes joined together to for a new symbol – this symbol will be like a signature for your relationship. In times of stress and challenge you can both go back to your original intent when binding the runes, and see where you have strayed – this can be a very good cleansing ritual and is likely to remind you both of why you decided to get married in the first place. A bind rune can be worn around you neck on a silver or gold pendant, or can be inscribed into your rings – whether it is a men’s ring or a woman’s ring. Other ways to wear the runes are on belts, key rings and bangles – although ideally you want a piece that you wear all the time – and a Rune ring or a rune bangle are ideal for this purpose.